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“Sire” is a graphic novel based on a trilogy of screenplays written by J Dakota Powell and Mitch Gettleman (UCLA Graduate Film) and inspired by vampire RPGs. Sire begins in the Old World – the Carpathians in Romania – where the vampires have forged a century-long truce with the locals (humans).

The Mountain of Kings and the Mountain of Death, one green and the other black, loom over the Sire-world. While each vampire clan has carved its own niche on the Mountain of Kings, only the ancient Nosferatu clan dares to live in the cavernous gut of the Mountain of Death.

Not all is well on the green mountain. The forests are filled with brown bats — notorious for storing thousands of germs. Blessed with a bat-like super-immune system, the vampire species has enjoyed virtual immortality. But now an infectious disease strikes, spreading through the clans, turning the vampires into mad reptilians. The vampire clans must turn to humans for help to stave off a lethal epidemic.

Powell illustrated the graphic novel and then animated the first segment in Madefire.