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“The Impostor” by J Dakota Powell was twice nominated for the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize and won an Honorable Mention for the Jane Chambers Playwrighting Award.

Directed by John David Coles, the stellar cast included: Calista Flockhart (Ally McBeal), Austin Pendleton, Clark Gregg (Agents of Shield), Melinda Wade, Matthew Weiss, Harrison Hogan and Katherine Leask.

“Austin Pendleton vividly portrays Eric, an aging, prominent novelist whose life and career hit the skids when he is accused of raping 23-year-old Sidra (Calista Flockhart), an aspiring author and the sister of his editor’s wife. Except in opaque metaphor, Sidra refuses to speak of the attack, and due to everyone’s fear of being banished from the elite inner sanctum of the publishing scene, the authorities are never notified. When a fellow scribbler (Richard Belkins) scolds Eric, “I don’t know what you say, but just clean this mess up,” the message is clear: In this bloodless world, reputation is everything.” ~ Sam Whitehead, Time Out New York

Photo: New York Times Theater Pick