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In 2000, Powell spearheaded the Entertainment division of <​kpe> (Kaufman Patricof Enterprises) Europe. Based in London, Powell created and produced original transmedia (multi-platform) content as well as managed the development of animated webisodic series and mobile applications for branded content (e.g., Bridget Jones).

During this period, Powell designed original interactive TV (transmedia) formats, which were represented by the William Morris Agency UK. She also formulated the interactive television strategy, business plan and revenue model for <​kpe> Europe.

Excerpt from Q Chronicles – Cross-Platform Story Engine:

“The convergent programming concepts we created during the first dot-com wave have yet to be fully realised. These concepts can serve as learning vehicles for current cross-platform creators.

In 2000, I devised the “Q Chronicles,” a cross-platform format that wove together a TV show, interstitials, website and mobile devices. The William Morris Agency in London jumped on the “Q Chronicles” cross-platform story engine as a blueprint for key-in-lock (mysteries, detective, science fiction, etc.) programming. But TV producers shied away. The technology to execute was still crude and costly. With the widespread adoption of broadband and the rise of web video, complex convergent programming may emerge in today’s media universe.” ~ J Dakota Powell

Photo on right: Powell’s transmedia work as featured in Time Magazine Europe.

Time Inc article